First post

Well we finally have our project website on-line:

The site gives a brief overview of Institutional Repositories, Open Access and Self Archiving along with general background information specific to our project at Leeds Metropolitan University. It’s also the first port of call if you would like to contact us.

It’s still very early days for us; over the next couple of weeks we hope to have decided upon our software partner who will implement the repository platform for us. We are having presentations from Digital Commons, EPrints, Open Repository, Digitool, IntraLibrary and Harvest Road. Phew!

Digital Commons, in fact, have already impressed us with a remote demonstration from California – the wonders of modern technology! Though a web-conference isn’t plain sailing with lots of “Hello, can you hear me!” and people talking over one another.

We will have spoken to everyone by the 23rd of January and they’ll all go into a hat for the big decision.

Metaphorically speaking. The decision making process will, of course, be rigorous and based on empirical data.

Then we can get down to the serious business of customising the software and, most serious of all, populating the repository with “a representative body of content”. The most important work thereafter will be the ongoing advocacy campaign to the University research community and over the coming months I hope to develop contacts with faculty research committees and with individuals.

So, if you are already convinced of the benefits of self-archiving into an Institutional Repository please contact me and help me spread the word…



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