Repository Patterns?

I have posted something that maybe of interest to this project on the Streamline Blog here. I don’t know the complete remit of the Repository, but it might be worth considering creating Repository Patterns as a project out come. This is essentially drawing up guidelines for repository implementation and uptake, based on your experience of the process. Interesting or Irrelevant, what do you think?



2 Responses to Repository Patterns?

  1. Nick says:

    Yes I think your suggestion could certainly lead to an interesting output for the repository project.

    For example, I’m currently trying to promote use of Repository News as an appropriate discussion forum (thanks for your post – is anybody else out there?!) and while not quite the same as promoting engagement with a wiki there are certainly similarities. Several people, for example, have emailed me with suggestions/comments/observations after reading the blog (which is fine!) but perhaps illustrates how people are sometimes reluctant to make their thoughts public. Not sure intentional errors are for me though as I’m far too pernickity!!

    Encouraging contributions to a blog and establishing patterns that support this – patterns are defined on wikipatterns as “a three part rule, which expresses a relation between a certain context, a problem, and a solution” is one thing, extending that to full blooded engagement with the repository itself is quite another!

    You could be on to something though!

  2. Janet Finlay says:

    How about making use of the approach we are developing in Planet to find patterns for repository development and use? The key thing about patterns is that they are based on examples of practice – so if we can find examples from ours and perhaps other projects then we could develop repository patterns.
    Benefits realisation perhaps….?

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