University challenge

Dawn and I are currently putting together a questionnaire to use as a tool for gathering preliminary user information for our respective repository projects and as a new-comer to questionnaire building I’m finding it a tricky business. And this is the easy bit. Getting people to fill the thing in will present the real challenge!

Your starter for ten: Are you aware of the LeedsMet repository project?

Come on! I need an answer!

I’m still formulating the bonus questions but they will test the team’s knowledge of Open Access while subtly provoking interest amongst those who didn’t quite understand the question (Surely I’m not the only one who resorts to Google to follow up some of Paxman’s arcane interrogations. Am I?)

Ok. Relax and take a sip of water.

Early advocacy at several Faculty Research Award Sub Committee meetings and at the CRI Seminar suggest that knowledge amongst academic staff is, in fact, very limited and this is borne out by the experience of the wider repository community. I hope that our questionnaire will generate interest and preliminary data for us to move forward with our overlapping projects; Dawn is working on a section of the questionnaire pertaining to Streamline and I also need to generate some tightly focused questions for PERSoNA. And that project is rather more abstract, partly due to not yet having a functioning repository to hang the project on but also, I think, because of the inherent abstraction and rapid (r)evolutions of Web 2.0. Dawn and I had a lively discussion around some of the issues that I have tried to capture in a post at PERSoNA News – always difficult after the fact.


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