Research repositories: the debate continues

Damyanti Patel and Owen Stephens summarise a presentation given by Bill Hubbard at the JISC Innovation forum here

As they say, nothing new perhaps but a concise review of the status quo and the big ideas for moving forward:

“OK – where are we going?

  • Exposure for harvesting
  • Linkage to departmental pages
  • Linkage to personal pages (we do this at Imperial)
  • REF – citation and usage analysis
  • Beyond pdf – text and data-mining
  • Virtual Research Environments
  • Embedding into institutional workflows
  • Repository as a set of services
  • Staffing and management
  • Funder mandate compliance

Bill drawing analogy between library processes and repository – getting a book into the library depends on many different people being involved, inside and outside the library, ‘Repositories’ need to be embedded to this degree (I’d argue, and think Bill would agree, that it isn’t ‘repositories’ but services that need to be embedded – afterall with the library analogy we don’t talk about it in terms of the library management system)”


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