MrCute for Moodle

I really haven’t had chance to think about our VLE PowerLink which is languishing at the moment, with minimum functionality (ie. a lowly search box), on the X-stream (aka Blackboard Vista) development server.  Any sort of extensive development work really isn’t viable before the end of March or within the remit of the current project, nevertheless I am very interested in MrCute for Moodle which looks like it will offer much of the functionality that we should be aspiring to including full blown content package creation from multiple files and subsequent repository deposit (to multiple repositories including JORUM – Q.  Does it use SWORD?).

The search facility for a local repository appears to be more sophisticated than a simple search box and allows a search to be restricted by category.  In due course it will also be possible to search JORUM as well.


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  1. Hi

    MrCute2 can now search Jorum (altho temporarily only a test server). Upload to Jorum is currently disabled and was originally envisaged as a simple zipped IMS package sent via email. We’ve now been asked to look at direct upload to Jorum via authentication, but that won’t be available in the MrCute 2 beta release expected in Mid January. Anybody can register at our testing site ( and try out MrCute2 Repository functionality (updated to the current state of development yesterday, 18th December), and we welcome feedback.

    Oh, and MrCute is free/open-source as an add-on to the Moodle learning platform (and we’re looking at the possibility of releasing a non-Moodle stand-alone version is we get the go ahead for further developments, using agreed standards). We don’t use SWORD at the moment, but I see it as one of the routes forward in due course.

    Richard Goddard
    MrCute Project Manager

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