JorumOpen will use DSpace

I think it fair to say that intraLibrary being the platform behind Jorum was a factor in our institutional decision to use the platform at Leeds Met so as the #ukoer projects get underway including Unicycle of course, it is with considerable interest that I discover that Jorum plan to implement a customised DSpace repository apparently to run alongside intraLibrary.

The news came to my attention in an email on the OER-INST mailing list which said that the move was to ensure that Jorum scales up for global access. This I promptly tweeted (me being me) and received a couple of coy allusions from interested parties before a tweet from @JorumTeam informed me that “All OER content for #jorum will be served from DSpace. Content licensed under JEducationUK or JPlus will be served from Intralib.y“.  Aside from this tweet, I’m not sure if there’s been anything more official from Jorum yet and apologies if my immediate web 2.0 dissemination of information in a closed mailing list was in any way inappropriate.

As discussed in previous posts (eg.  This one), I am aware of one or two issues with facilitating Open Access via intraLibrary, though I am confident that we do indeed have suitable technology within the software to facilitate OA, in the form of RSS, SRU and OAI-PMH for example.  It may be there are other issues around scalability that I am unaware of and I’d be very interested to learn why and precisely how Jorum have decided to also utilise DSpace.

No doubt we’ll learn more in due course…


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