SWORD workshop at OR2010: SWORD hands-on workshop: Adding SWORD to your repository armoury

(Details from http://or2010.fecyt.es/Publico/WorkShop/index.aspx#b3)

Have you heard about SWORD but are unsure of why or how you should use it? This hands-on workshop will provide a gentle introduction to SWORD, some examples of how it can be used, and if you have a laptop you can try out some SWORD clients and have a go at making your own using an online SWORD client creation toolkit.
This workshop (2.15 pm-4.30 pm) will cover:

  • An overview of SWORD
    • What it does
    • How it works
  • Use cases for SWORD
    • How you could use SWORD
  • Have a go at making some deposits to different repositories using some SWORD clients
    • Deposit to multiple repository platforms
    • Try a few different clients
  • Build your own custom deposit interface using SWORD and the EasyDeposit SWORD client toolkit
    • Customise your own installation of EasyDeposit
    • Explore the possibilities of EasyDeposit by trying different options, and optionally by creating new steps

Please email us at swordapp@gmail.com to book a place on the workshop and let us know if you have any ideas for subjects you’d like us to look at. You can also twitter us at http://www.twitter.com/swordapp with your suggestions.


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