JISC Innovation Forum 2010 (JIF2010)

I’m exhibiting at JIF2010 next week at Royal Holloway University of London and looking forward to it, not least for reasons of nostalgia as I graduated from RHUL in 1996 (BA English Lit) and haven’t really been back in over a decade.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t the most conscientious of students, exhibiting at the time a degree of post-adolescent rebellion and fancying myself as some sort of undergraduate libertine (if we re-define libertine as someone who stays in bed all day and drinks a bit too much beer).

While it’s all too easy to cast a repository manager as Byronic Hero (revolt against society, pursuit of individual goals, romantic expression and the constant experience of strong emotion)  I now get up early and have worked considerably harder over the past 3 years (nearly) on our various JISC projects at Leeds Met than for my degree and arguably know more about Open Access and repositories than I ever did about the canon of English Literature – there’s a lesson here I think – if you don’t work hard at University you might end up as an (un-Byronic) repository manager!

Our JISC projects, in chronological order, are the Repository Start-up itself, Streamline, PERSoNA, Unicycle and Bibliosight and Dawn has put together a fantastic poster for my exhibition stand featuring a time-line and showing how these 5 projects relate to one another – it also includes our current ACErep project which is funded by HEFCE rather than JISC but which very much builds on our JISC supported projects (click for larger image):