Ongoing RSS issue

To cut a long story short, I run RSS feeds from intraLibrary through Yahoo Pipes to redirect to the metadata page on Open Search –

However, due to the way I initially mapped intraLibrary LOM, the abstract is held in a second instance of the description field so my RSS feeds are just title (I’ve got ISSN in the first which I hide)…sure there must be a way to produce an RSS feed from an SRU query including this field using Yahoo Pipes…this is the SRU query:

Anybody help?


3 Responses to Ongoing RSS issue

  1. I’m not quite sure what you need the output to look like – is this the type of thing?

  2. Nick says:

    Cheers Owen that’s precisely the type of thing…and you’ve made it look so easy!

    I’d got halfway there a while ago but hadn’t looked at it for ages until talking pipes with Paul S on Tuesday…didn’t seem to take the SRU for me when I tried during the session though but seems to have worked for you just with Fetch data…initial tweet about SRU, in fact, brought in Tony Hirst who had also had problems with SRU in Pipes

  3. Nick says:

    In my excitement just realised that your pipe just extracts the relevant fields…so I still need to figure out how to link the title to the respective record on Open Search…figure I somehow have to link item.SRW:recordData.lom:lom.lom:general.lom:title.lom:string.content to oai:com\.intralibrary\.leedsmet:(.*) then regex to$1&SearchGroup=research

    Hmmm *scratches head*

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