5 Responses to Musings on the developing OER infrastructure

  1. Amber Thomas says:

    Thanks for this post, Nick.

    Its really useful to highlight existing tools/services/standards that could be enhanced / steered to do this.
    I will chew this over. Interested to see what other people think needs doing too.

    (Programme Manager at JISC with responsibility for digital infrastructure for teaching materials (!))

  2. Workflows are the key I think.
    I’ve seen so many beautiful tools that never get used as they just don’t fit into the average teacher/lecturers workflow. Widgets may be part of the answer, plopping the right tool in the right place…. and if it turns out to be the wrong place, plopping it somewhere else….

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  5. mhawksey says:

    Blackboard’s xpLor is an interesting development in this area. It’s their new learning object repository service. The idea is having xpLor as a cloud service which integrates into VLE’s using IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) LTI handles the integration of the repository into an VLE which uses LTI. I haven’t seen specifics but imagine this provides a software wrapper to put and get learning objects. What I do know is it uses Course Cartridge and QTI for interoperability.

    So should Jorum have an LTI interface?

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