Infrastructure schematic (1st draft)

There are several significant developments that will impact on our repository / research management / OER dissemination and discovery over the next 12 months or so…briefly these are:

This is a quick schematic of how the developing infrastructure might look (a bit big to fit in my WordPress theme so click on image for full size):


4 Responses to Infrastructure schematic (1st draft)

  1. Hi Nick,
    that’s looking rather joined up 😉
    this is perhaps a little tangential but why have Leeds Met decided to make etheses a closed collection? my (limited) understanding of available studies show the use of theses increases significantly if they’re available freely online (or does ‘closed’ mean not openly licensed, but potentially freely available?).

  2. Nick says:

    Hi John

    Joined up…I hope so! Re, etheses…not yet but I’m working on it! Will email…


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