About the project

In recent years advances in technology, particularly the internet have precipitated a move towards a model of open access in scholarly publishing with the aim of removing barriers to access, particularly cost.

Increasing numbers of peer-reviewed journals are being made available online on an open access basis and there has also been an associated move towards the practice of self-archiving by the academic community whereby scholars place their research output in a publicly available online archive.

The Institutional Repository has become the established technology deployed at universities and other institutions to enable scholars to self-archive and has the potential to meet a number of institutional needs:

  • an open access research repository
  • an assessment, learning and teaching repository for learning objects, assessment objects
  • a showcase for students work
  • digital images of heritage collections
  • a managed environment for the deposit of internal documents


Leeds Metropolitan University has secured funding from JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) to develop an Institutional Repository.

Following an institutional needs analysis, the project will deliver a repository which will serve a prioritised set of needs of Leeds Metropolitan University. The project will build on experience from the sector in creating an open access collection of materials, based on open standards, which will increase the profile of the research outputs and/or pioneering assessment learning and teaching work carried out at Leeds Met, and also make a significant contribution to the experience of learners in the institution.


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