5 Responses to Using Yahoo Pipes to redirect to Open Search metadata page instead of intraLibrary public URL (and the power of Twitter)

  1. Nick says:

    I’ve also become aware of another issue with our feed through correspondence with the Xpert project at Nottingham University; the RSS URL generated by intraLibrary has a dynamic element or token which means that the URL is different each time it is generated so every time Xpert harvests the feed, they see these urls as new resources, whereas they are actually duplicates. Might it be that submitting the RSS feed for the Pipe instead of that generated by intraLibrary will also solve this problem?

    There’s only one way to find out – no, fans of Harry Hill not a fight – I was thinking just of resubmitting the new feed…

  2. Nick says:

    I have also summarised another issue arising from intraLibrary’s lack of flexibility to customise which fields are exposed via RSS on Lorna Campbell’s blog-post about OER, RSS and JorumOpen which examines the possibility of bulk deposit by ingest of RSS feeds.

    Note: After a little experimentation, Mike has actually put together a basic prototype that does include dc:date and a dc:rights

  3. Cheers Nick – you are very welcome to use/copy the pipes I’ve done of course 🙂

    I don’t know if this helps on the metadata front, but I can see a way of using the existing RSS feeds in combination with OAI-PMH to enhance the RSS feed with the relevant DC fields. You can see the start of the pipe work for this if you go to http://pipes.yahoo.com/ostephens and look for the pipe called “IntraLibrary RSS feed enhanced via OAI to include DC fields”

    The basics of what I’m trying to do seems to work – that is I can get the relevant DC fields populated – however, when I choose ‘RSS’ as the format on the Pipe output it gives me RSS 2.0 only – which isn’t able to include the enhanced DC metadata – I need RSS 1.0 for that. The Yahoo Pipes documentation says it supports RSS 1.0 as well, but at a brief look I can’t quite work out how. I’ll try to have a look when I get some more time.

    Have I got the right end of the stick in terms of the problem you need to solve for the metadata?

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