Friday Mash (with a little help)

This might be messy – just need to brain dump to try and figure this out. Thanks again to the Godfather of Mashed Libraries @ostephens for his help!

The problem(s):

intraLibrary RSS feeds point to resource “in the wild” rather than the record on Open Search. Like this:

Owen helped me put together a simple pipe that took this feed and used regex to replace an identifier from the record and redirect to the Open Search URL (which is built from this identifier. Like this:

So far so good…however, when I originally defined my Application Profile for research in intraLibrary I used multiple instances of <lom:description> with the first holdong ISSN (frustratingly missing from intraLibraries Bib extensions) and the Abstract held in a second instance of <lom:description> meaning it isn’t exposed in an RSS feed.

So…I thought that if I used an SRU query instead as a pipe input there would be a lot more data to play with in Pipes and hopefully I would be able to build a better RSS feed – including author and abstract.

After some initial problems with Pipes taking an SRU input, Owen responded to my plea for help with this pipe that extracts title and abstract from the SRU by defining the path through the XML to the relevant fields and mapping them to title and description:

However, I still need to figure out how to link the title to the respective record on Open Search. There is a link in the XML but this is no good as, once again, it points to the resource in the wild rather than the record on Open Search…somehow I need to use the identifier to build a link to the respective record on Open Search.


And frankly now I’m a bit stumped again – the regex function from the first pipe presumably needs to be in there somewhere…first vague attempt (doesn’t actually return any output – but this is a brain dump!):

Open Educational Resources Programme start-up meeting

Twitter hash-tag: #oerstartup

(See for aggregation)

Hash # from Intrallect conference in Edinburgh

WiFi problems on Wednesday but plenty of discussion off and on-line today: